International Systemic Constellations Association

Invitation to Join ISCA

What is ISCA?

Systemic constellation work has now spread to the far corners of the globe and new developments continue to emerge that excite and inspire all of us. ISCA is a response to a felt need for an active, connected, community that encompasses this geographical scope and a wide diversity of interests and practice.
Thousands of people around the world are actively exploring how constellations and the systemic approach address the issues of everyday life as well as larger issues affecting the world as a whole. The inspiration for this developing field comes from the creative insights of Bert Hellinger and contributions from major new developments in neuroscience, genetics, systemic thought, quantum physics, psychotherapy, and the Internet. ISCA aims to facilitate networking among those people and the sharing of their knowledge and discoveries. We are dedicated to the research and documentation of effective new work using constellations and a systemic approach to understanding and relieving repetitive destructive patterns of human relationship. You will find an excellent article on the history of ISCA on our web page, written by members of the webpage committee. ( ).
ISCA is a not-for-profit association: Already volunteers have contributed hundreds of hours of thought and work to developing the foundations of this community. We are officially registered as a non-profit organization and enjoy a tax-exempt status in Germany.
ISCA is independent and open: Our association includes members from many countries and walks of life. It also networks many different national and regional associations, although it does not duplicate their work. Members of ISCA are absolutely free to join and participate in other organizations of their choice and anyone interested in constellation work or a systemic approach is free to join ISCA . 
ISCA is an “open source” association: The concept of “open source” has been developed on the Internet to describe projects driven by individuals volunteering their services and expertise in writing software that is free for all to use. In a similar way ISCA is dedicated to supporting the continued development of constellation work and a systemic approach for the common good with this simple idea: a lot of people working effectively together can get more done in the long run than a single gifted person working alone. The knowledge produced belongs to the community and can be freely used by all of the individuals within the community. 

What does ISCA do? 

ISCA provides a wide range of services for members and for the general public, and we are continually exploring new possibilities to increase public understanding of the systemic perspective.
Public List of Members. Some ISCA members have agreed to have their names and addresses made public as contact persons for the public interested in learning more about systemic constellation work or in finding a practitioner. It is important to remember that ISCA does NOT offer certification or qualifications of any kind. Because of diverse laws, regulations, and opportunities in the many countires our members work in, we feel that certification is best left to regional associations. Any member who asks may be included on the public list of members regardless of professional background and are responsible for the accuracy of the information. We hope that this list will be of value to the general public seeking contact with persons in their local area who are interested in the systemic approach. 

ISCA activities 

ISCA sponsors and organizes different events. They are listed and updated under « ISCA Events ». In addition affiliated members and institutes offer many activities and conferences which are also listed.
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