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Over 20 projects described in German on the site of the German Association for Systemic Resolution (DGfS-IAG)

Nowhere Foundation

Enhancing Children Learning: A pilot study of the application of systemic approaches in primary schools - A research report for the DfES 29 Nov 04; Jane James & Terry Ingham

'From Me to Us' - Partly funded by DCSF. Developing the whole school culture to align more closely with the UK Government's recent children's 10 year strategy.

Research Project on Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programmes: This CSISS project, led by Chris Williams, is looking into how a systemic approach can enhance and support drug treatment work.

Enhancing Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment
A collaborative action research project with three Drug Treatment agencies, applying and testing systemic principles to the treatment of substance abusers.

Research & Development Project on Parenting - Children are our future: This CSISS project, co-managed by Gaye Donaldson and Jane James, will explore the impact of systems-centred family therapies on parenting (up to age of four)

Does the Process Of Family Constellations Improve Relationships and Wellbeing?

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